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Lash Doll offers time for courses on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Please contact to schedule a desired time that suits you and to make a deposit!


PRICE · $1699

DEPOSIT · $300 to confirm spot




Lash Doll’s private, one-on-one classic course will teach you how to do a classic set of lash extensions (one lash per natural lash). No previous experience is required. Lash Kit + Manual included.


The course will span over 4 days:


DAY 1 + 2 - Theory + Practice

Learn about all aspects of lashing - from tools + techniques to aftercare + marketing. Practice lashing on mannequin heads with one-on-one guidance from our Lash Doll instructor.


DAY 3 + 4 - Hands On

Implement your new knowledge by lashing models! Each student will work under the supervision and guidance of the instructor. A model for each day is to be provided by the student.

Begin your career as a lash tech by learning with Lash Doll!

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